The Women’s International Peace Centre (WIPC)

The Women’s International Peace Centre (WIPC), formerly Isis-Women’s International Cross Cultural Exchange (Isis-WICCE), a transnational feminist organization that was established in 1973 and relocated to Uganda in 1994, values justice, fairness and mutual respect for humanity. Since 1996 the WIPC has empowered women from different countries in Africa and Asia by supporting their active participation in community, regional, national and global peace building processes. The organization’s mission is to ignite women’s leadership, amplify their voices and deepen their activism in re-creating peace, and the vision is a world where women live in peace and recreate peace.

Project title:  Promoting women’s effective participation in peaceful electoral processes in Uganda

Brief description: The project promotes participation of women in electoral processes and  peaceful engagement in electoral process in Uganda

Geographical coverage:  Kapelebyong, Arua and Kassanda districts.