Teso Religious Leaders Efforts for Peace and Reconciliation (TERELEPAR)

TERELEPAR is an inter-religious organization formed by the Religious Leaders of Teso from all denominations to address issues of Peace, Reconciliation and Development. The organization was formed in December 2001 to try and address the then volatile Karimojong cattle rustling conflict that had intensified into the Ngariam massacres of September 9th 2001. The organization was then named Religious Efforts for Teso-Karamoja Reconciliation (RETEKARE).

Project title: Strengthening clan and religious leaders’ engagement in promotion and protection of human rights in Teso (SCREPHT)

Project description: The project seeks to address the challenge of inadquate support to access justice on land conflicts and family justice including domestic violance and early marriage in Teso region. It will empower communities with knowledge and information on their rights.

Geographic coverage: Kaberamaido, Ngora, Amuria and Katakwi districts.