National Bureau For NGOs (NGO Bureau)

The National Bureau for NGOs (NGO Bureau) is a semi-autonomous body under the Ministry of Internal Affairs established by the NGO Act 2016. The Act mandates it to register, regulate, coordinate, inspect, monitor and oversee all NGO operations in the country.

Project title:  Strengthening the National Bureau for Non-governmental Organizations to improve Civil Society (CSO) health.

Brief description: The project intends to strengthen the NGO Bureau to effectively and efficiently fulfil its mandate of registering, regulating, monitoring, and overseeing the operations of the NGO sector.  The project focuses on: (a) strengthened institutional capacity of the NGO Bureau; (b) improved accountability and transparency of the NGO sector.  The key areas of intervention are: (i) promoting peaceful co-existence, engagement and mutual trust between NGOs and Government through dialogue and collaboration; and (ii) promoting improved accountability and transparency in the NGO sector. These interventions will enhance the NGO Bureau’s capability in delivering its core mandate and lasting partnership between Government and the NGO sector.

Geographical coverage:  National