The Apac Anti-Corruption Coalition (TAACC)

TAACC is home grown and natured NGO, created based on the challenge facing Lango sub region and Uganda, first legally registered in 2003. TAACC’s vision is “an empowered & well-governed society” and mission is “to mobilize, empower & strengthen capacity of citizens to engage and demand effective and sustainable service delivery from duty bearers”.

Project title : Strengthening Citizens Participation in Local Governance

Brief description:  The project aims to contribute to strengthening citizen participation in local governamce by reinforcing accountability mechanisms through support to local government institutions to ensure effective and efficieny service delivery in Lango sub-region.The poject will build ordinary citizens capacity to proactively monitor, report and engage service providers to reduce misuse of public resources and poor service delivery on one hand and enhance capacity of duty bearers to constructively engage with service recipients.

Geographical coverage: Apac, Kole, Oyam, Kwania, Amolatar, and Dokolo districts.