ACFIM Engages Church of Uganda Bishops on Curbing Commercial Electoral Processes

On 21st February 2019, the Alliance for Finance Monitoring (ACFIM) held a conference with bishops from the Church of Uganda at Lweza Training and Conference Centre, to build their awareness about the extent and effects of commercializing political and electoral processes in Uganda, and to discuss ways and means of curbing the vice.   

In this engagement, ACFIM implored the prelates to use their church platforms to address attitudinal aspects of society that enable commercialization of electoral process to thrive; and to support an upcoming bill on regulating electoral campaign financing.

The Bishops called for continuous engagement on this issue, and promised to support the campaign against commercializing electoral processes in the country.

The DGF support ACFIM to implement a project titled: Efforts to Curb Commercial Electoral Processes in Uganda.