Type Title Description Year of Publication
DGF Annual Report 2015/2016

This report presents DGF results along key sub-themes namely: Protecting and Defending Human Rights; Access to Justice; Peace, Conflict Management and Rehabilitation; Civic Rights and Responsiveness; Promoting Media Freedoms; Electoral Democracy; and Transformational Leadership. The report also share results on DGF’s contribution to Public Accountability and Community Vigilance, Natural Resource Governance as well as the cross cutting themes of Youth and Gender empowerment.

DGF Annual Report 2014/2015

The report highlights key results registered in the period July 2014 - June 2015 along 9 key sub-themes namely: protecting and defending human rights; access to justice; peace, conflict management and Rehabilitation; civic rights and responsiveness; promoting media freedoms and electoral democracy; transformational leadership; public accountability and community vigilance; natural resource governance as well as the cross cutting themes of youth and gender empowerment.

DGF Annual Report 2013/2014

This report highlights the progress and achievements of the DGF and its partners over the year – 2013/2014.

DGF Annual Report 2012/2013

The report describes the key achievements of the program, presenting both successes and challenges encountered in the year 2012/2013.

DGF Annual Report 2011/2012

This annual report briefly describes the key achievements of each of the DGF’s components. It highlights examples of success as well as challenges faced and it includes a financial statement of income and expenditure for the DGF as a whole and a list of partners, which entered into agreement with the DGF during the financial year 2011/12.