Community Participatory Budget Clubs Prompt Abim District Local Government to Deliver School Infrastructure

Benson Okello, the Head Teacher of Rackoko Primary School, speaks with excitement and confidence. The long awaited classroom blocks, whose construction had stagnated for the past 8 years, have finally been completed. The school now has 4 more classrooms to accommodate its increasing population. Abim Participatory Budget Club made this happen.

Participatory Budget Clubs (PBCs) are a model created by Civil Society Budget Advocacy Group (CSBAG), a DGF Partner, to ensure government budgets are community owned and developed inclusively. Since 2013, CSBAG has been working with community structures in Abim, Kibaale, Agago, Kibuku and Sheema districts to ensure efficient and effective pro-poor planning and budgeting that reflects the citizens’ needs. The organisation has built the capacity of over 300 PBCs to engage government on pro-poor planning, budgeting, and improved service delivery.

The PBCs have demanded that government budgets reflect the needs and rights of the grass root people. In Abim, their endeavors are bearing fruit. In Morulem sub-county, two classroom blocks of Rachkoko Primary School, whose construction had since 2007 were finally completed in 2014. In the same sub-county, the construction of a four-stand pit latrine, which had been planned for Akwangagwel Primary School but had not been delivered on by the sub-county, was completed in 2014. This enabled school children, especially girls, to enjoy better sanitation.