Soren Skou Rasmussen, Programme and Learning Manager, Sphere 1 is leaving the DGF

Recently Soren Skou Rasmussen, DGF’s Programme and Learning Manager for democratic processes that build citizen-state relationships, has announced that he will leave the DGF and retire in Denmark. Kindly see his message below. Soren will be dearly missed, not only as a person, but also for his thought provoking contributions to shaping and implementing the DGF programme. Please join me in thanking Soren for all the work he has done for the DGF and partners and wishing him all the best in whatever and wherever his retirement will lead him to.

Wim Stoffers

Head of Facility


Dear Partners,

After more than three years with the DGF in Uganda it is time for me to leave. It has been my pleasure working with all of you! I have enjoyed the talks, discussions and learning moments we have had over the years. All has enabled me to get the insights into Uganda which I could not have gotten on my own. I cannot appreciate this enough. Knowledge and shared views have always been important to my professional work and sustaining our joint ambition of creating and fighting for a more just and equal society. I will miss these exchanges but I am very confident of your capacity and courage to continue improving Uganda as a just and equal society.

When I leave at the end of August I will go back to Denmark. I am retiring from work but will continue my engagement in development issues and global curiosity.

All the very best,

Soren Skou Rasmussen